Der Europäische Flüchtlingsrat (European Council on Refugees and Exiles ECRE) informiert regelmässig über die Aktualitäten im europäischen Asylwesen. Die Newsbulletins und Medienmitteilungen von ECRE werden auf Englisch publiziert. Ist die Schweizerische Flüchtlingshilfe SFH direkt beteiligt, werden sie auf Deutsch und Französisch übersetzt.

No change in deeply dysfunctional Dublin system
A statistical update published by ECRE’s Asylum Information Database (AIDA) releasing figures for 12 European countries from 2016 reveals persisting fundamental dysfunctions in the Dublin system. The main operators of the Dublin Regulation in 2016 were Germany with 55,690 requests and 3,968 transfers, Switzerland with 15,203 requests and 3,750 transfers and Sweden with 12,118 requests and 5,244 transfers.

ECRE Report: Pushed Back at the Door
25. Januar 2017: ECRE-Organisationen aus Zentraleuropa veröffentlichen heute in Prag einen Bericht über die er-schreckende neue Realität an den östlichen EU-Aussengerenzen: rechtswidrigen Zurückweisungen von Schutzsuchenden

ECRE Study: The implementation of the hotspots in Italy and Greece
The EU ‘hotspot approach’ was designed to ensure operational support to Member States facing disproportionate migratory pressure. However, research reveals that the pressure in these countries is growing and the challenges in accessing protection are multiplying.

Undue protection restrictions for temporary admission beneficiaries
ECRE News: The Swiss Federal Council has published a report examining the application of the status of temporary admission. The report found that temporary admission negatively impacted beneficiaries’ access to rights and integration in practice. Temporary admission is a national protection status in Switzerland, different from subsidiary protection provided in the EU asylum acquis.

Admissibility, responsibility and safety in European asylum procedures
A report launched 7th September 2016 by the Asylum Information Database (AIDA), managed by the European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE), documents the limited and fragmented application of admissibility and safe country concepts in 20 European countries. The report contains contributions from Switzerland.

With Greece: Recommendations for refugee protection
A report launched by The AIRE Centre and ECRE (published on 13 July) finds that refugees in Greece continue to face challenges in accessing asylum due to increased complexity and procedural layers, a lack of simple and unequivocal information, as well as significant gaps in legal assistance.

The reception of refugees and asylum seekers in Europe
The AIDA-Thematic Report of March 2016 documents the recent situation of reception of asylum seekers in the 20 AIDA countries, bearing in mind the peculiar legal and policy context applicable in non-EU countries such as Turkey or Serbia, which may merit particular consideration.